The New Covenant Preschool curriculum features a hands-on, developmental approach to teaching preschoolers learning through play and exploration. In their classrooms each morning, all children develop reading, language, and math skills through an assortment of activities designed at their learning level. There are also enrichment program opportunities available in foreign language, music, and movement.  Additional fees may apply.

Our curriculum spotlights include:

Serving 6 weeks- Age 4
High Reach
Through the High Reach Learning curriculum,  children experience a well rounded balance of fun, stimulating learning activities. High Reach Learning curriculum offers your child many opportunities to develop important skills needed for school success. Our curriculum focuses on active engagement with people and things in your child’s natural environment, featuring hands on experiences and real life adventures. Your child’s teacher and the preschool staff are a crucial part of his/her education.  The High Reach Learning curriculum also supports teachers by offering suggested content that can be adjusted to meet your child’s individual needs and interests. High Reach grows with your child’s development as he/she matures and moves to the next age level.
Wee- Learn
During our morning circle time we teach the Wee-Learn curriculum, which will help your child connect to a meaningful relationship with the Lord. The Wee Learn curriculum provides a range of age appropriate activities that lay a spiritual foundation for each child in their natural world. As with all our curriculum the lessons are designed to meet your child’s  individual needs and are age appropriate. Time is allotted daily for spiritual development through Bible stories, songs, and prayer before meals, with a continual awareness of the needs of each child.  Monthly, the 3 and 4 year olds will attend a chapel service designed for their level of understanding. The infants and toddlers will also have planned lessons with Bible stories, music and activities.